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#269 Lord of War (2005)

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noiseformind disse...

Um dos melhores filmes de Jared Letto, o melhor filme sobre negocios de guerra a seguir a diamantes de sangue e Fiel Jardineiro e uma oportunidade unica para vermos Nicolas Cage a ultrapassar a moralidade excessiva em que se enrolou quando se meteu nos contratos com a Disney. Este filme tem tantas deixas boas que dificil escolher.

There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?

The first and most important rule of gun-running is: Never get shot with your own merchandise.

I sell to leftists, and rightists. I sell to pacifists, but they're not the most regular customers.

Do you know why I do what I do? I mean, there are more prestigeous assignments. Keeping track of nuclear arsenels - you'd think that be more critical to world security. But it's not. No, nine out of ten war victims today are killed with assault rifles and small arms - like yours. Those nuclear weapons sit in their silos. Your AK-47, that's the real weapon of mass destruction.
Yuri Orlov: I don't want people dead, Agent Valentine. I don't put a gun to anybody's head and make them shoot. But shooting is better for business. But, I prefer people to fire my guns and miss. Just as long as they are firing. Can I go now?

In the most AIDS-infested region of the globe - where 1 in 4 is infected - Andy's idea of a joke was to put a young Iman and a young Naomi in my bed - and no condom within a hundred miles.

Thank God there are still legal ways to exploit developing countries. The only problem with an honest buck is they're so hard to make - the margins are too low, too many people are doin' it.

Of all the weapons in the vast soviet arsenal, nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947. More commonly known as the AK-47, or Kalashnikov. It's the world's most popular assault rifle. A weapon all fighters love. An elegantly simple 9 pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood. It doesn't break, jam, or overheat. It'll shoot whether it's covered in mud or filled with sand. It's so easy, even a child can use it; and they do. The Soviets put the gun on a coin. Mozambique put it on their flag. Since the end of the Cold War, the Kalashnikov has become the Russian people's greatest export. After that comes vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists. One thing is for sure, no one was lining up to buy their cars.

After the Cold War, the AK-47 became Russia's biggest export. After that came vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists.

Back then, I didn't sell to Osama Bin Laden. Not because of moral reasons, but because he was always bouncing checks.

You know who's going to inherit the world? Arms dealers. Because everyone else is too busy killing each other.

I sell guns to every army but the Salvation Army.

Borneo Officer: We're with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
Yuri Orlov: Let me guess... this isn't about the alcohol or tobacco.

Yuri Orlov: [after Andre shoots one of his suboordinates]
Yuri Orlov: Why did you do that?
Yuri Orlov: [pauses and then speaks calmly] Now you have to buy it. It's a used gun.

A melhor cena do filme e definitivamente quando ele aterra aquele aviao e comeca a entregar as armas para se safar de ser apanhado com elas. E demais e assustadoramente real.

Dora disse...

Este filme foi uma surpresa: comprei-o na Worten por menos de 2€. Quando o vi fiquei admiradissima com a qualidade do filme.

O Leto está óptimo e o Cage está como há muito que não está (tiando o "Bad Lieutenant").
Muito bom mesmo!

Ozpinhead disse...

Também uma surpresa para mim.

Dora disse...

Bom, bom, bom!